Interdisciplinary workshop on collectivity in heavy ion coll
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Interdisciplinary Workshop on Collectivity 
in Heavy Ion Collisions and Cold Atom Gases (Online)
First Announcement
Dear Colleagues,
       We are pleased to announce that the Interdisciplinary workshop on collectivity in heavy ion collisions and cold atom gases will take place during June 29-July 2, 2022. The workshop will be fully online, with about 4 half-days of talks and discussions. Talks will be by invitation only. The workshop will be coordinated by School of Science of Huzhou University. Meeting connection information will be circulated before the workshop. If you are interested to be included in the next circulation, please send an email to
       Scope: How anisotropic collectivity is built up in small to large systems of heavy ion collisions is still under debate, while experimental data and analysis techniques are abundant and theoretical hydrodynamic calculations become ever sophisticated. Meanwhile, researches on expanding cold atom gases appear to suggest universality of strong coupling physics over extreme energy scales. It is a good time to pause and bring together experts of differing areas to reflect on the current status of experiment and theory on anisotropic collectivity and to germinate new ideas and approaches.
       Physics topics: (1)  Anisotropic flow; (2) Cold atoms; (3) Strongly interacting systems
       Charge: No registration fee will be charged for this meeting.
       Contact Information: Ke Li: ; Haojie Xu:; Ni Du: 
       Organizing committee: Ke Li (Huzhou),  Jovan Milosevic (Vinca, Belgrade),  Caiwan Shen (Huzhou),  Fuqiang Wang (Chair),  Haojie Xu (Huzhou)

Second announcement and program

Zoom software will be used for the meeting. Click the link to attend the workshop:
And the password is 0604.